Who We Are

Pilots N Paws Canada brings together the skills of a community of volunteers that can provide free air transportation to Canadian rescues and shelters that need help getting their abused, abandoned and injured animals to new beginnings within Canada. Spreading from coast to coast, the network of volunteers, Transport Coordinators and pilots make moving animals to areas of greater opportunity for adoption a priority and provide ongoing support to the hundreds of Canadian animal rescues that need that help.Pilots, Deanna, Copilots and furry passengers
As a non-profit charity we rely on donations to keep our program going. Your support helps make rescues happen and allows us to do the outreach needed to ensure we have pilots to fly. Our volunteers across the country are invited to and attend both aviation and pet events in order to share with other Canadians what we are doing and inviting them to also help out.

Your donation helps us purchase crates and other equipment for the pilots to use as well helps us to assist rescues with food supplies and support when medical emergencies strike.

All these happen with your donations and every donation over $25 will receive a receipt for a tax donation you can use at tax time as we are a registered non-profit charity with Revenue Canada. (PNPC Animal Rescue BN#808636088RR0001)
We give a 100% volunteer commitment to making PNPC the best program for Canada we can and with your support – we will.

Recent News

It was really cold

What We Do On A Cold Sunday in March

Three of the Pilots N Paws Canada volunteer pilots travel approx 2,667 km on one Sunday to help transport 4 dogs to a chance at a new beginning.   www.simplesharebuttons.comFeel Free to Share

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What are the Odds?

What are the odds, 5 pups found in various locations by passers by up in the North of Manitoba. Just babies themselves with no mothers to fend for them and very cold weather just around the corner, these pups had little to no chance of survival.


Max and Bear

In rescue there is rarely one hero.  For these two old boys from Northern Ontario, a LOT of people became involved.    Ten year olds Max and Baby Bear had been outside dogs for most of their lives, with a large space they could enjoy and a family that loved them, when things took a turn for the worse.   A new family had built and moved in next door changing their once open space into a confined hell.  No longer could they move about freely but instead had to be chained on their reduced property.  To make matters worse, the…

The teams of SAR trainers, dogs and our PNPC Volunteers

Search and Rescue Training Help

Saturday October 12, 2013 was a beautiful Fall day with blue skies and a definite feeling of Thanksgiving as Pilots N Paws Canada had its first experience with the training of Search and Rescue dogs. Members of an Ottawa based SAR dog training group contacted us asking if we would be willing to offer a little ‘plane’ time for their dogs in training to get more prepared to pass their tests.  In general most of these dogs only get their first exposure to planes or helicopters at the time they are going to help in a real situation when energy…


Aid to a Blind ‘Pocket Husky’

Clover, a 10+ year old diabetic and blind ‘pocket husky’ abandoned by her owner and found as a stray gets lots of loving help from strangers and the guarantee of long term care to live out her days.


The Exception to the Rule

Friday August 30th started anxiously as the weather conditions in each of the pilot’s regions was suddenly not looking good.